Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trying something new

I know you've all been anxiously awaiting my follow-up to Thursday's cliff hanger.  Just WHAT did she do the other day when she was so stressed out she thought she was about to jump out the window?

Welllllll..... in case you haven't figured it out yet, after an entire night of not sleeping, I dragged myself out of bed before the sun came up and I... drum roll please... RAN. Yes, that's right.  I, who never ever runs, went running.  I've done this little running kick before as I was training for a 5K last year (which I never even got to friggin' run- I've mentioned that before, right?) Anyway, I haven't actually gone running in about a year.  And the other day, I did.  I ran 2 miles in exactly 19 minutes. Which, by the way, is the fastest I've ever done that.  What's that term that runners use? PR? :)

I recently read somewhere that a great way to stay motivated during a run is to chant something positive to yourself as your feet hit the pavement.  (Stay.Strong. Go. Long. Stay. Strong. Go. Long...) I don't know whether it was that, or the perfect weather, or the ridiculous stress I'm feeling; but my feet never stopped.  I might actually do it again tomorrow! 

6 AM (ok, it was closer to 6:30) is brutally early, but I had company out there. I passed dog walkers, shopping cart pushers, and teenagers moving slowly to bus stops. And every time I approached someone, I felt like shouting, "Look at me! I'm running!!" Don't worry- I didn't. I just smiled and kept to myself. But I did return the quick wave from the fellow runner. Ha, I was a fellow runner!

 I'm not a runner. I'm a very slow jogger at best. And I certainly don't do it consistently.   But I ran (well, jogged).  I actually kindof liked it.  So there it is.  This is so WEIRD.

And on that note...

Have a healthy day,


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