Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Early morning warrior

Hi!  Sorry I didn't post yesterday. (You missed me, didn't you?!) I actually had a really busy day: work, lunch meeting about some different stuff, and back to work for another meeting.  I know that a lot of people work those kind of hours every single day (I used to, too), but ugh, I was so tired by the time the boys went to bed last night! It reminded me how lucky I am to have such amazing hours this year. (Even though the job itself leaves a lot to be desired... but that's for a different time...)  And it really sucked cuz I wanted to get to the gym, but felt really bad about packing the boys up the second I got home, only to leave them again.  So my Mama Guilt got the best of me, and I played about 14 rounds of Superhero Memory instead.

Anyway, I did something this morning that I haven't done in SOOOO long... I went to the gym for an early morning workout.  My alarm went off at the blissful hour of 5:15, and I was out the door by 5:25.  I used to think that people who did this were insane, but then working full time last year pretty much left me no choice.  By the time I got home at 4, actually saw my children for 5 seconds and started dinner, it was practically time to start the whole bedtime routine.  I was freakin' exhausted! After really thinking about what was important to me, I realized that I wasn't willing to sacrifice working out.  So I started doing it before work.  Yes my days felt never- ending a lot of times, but I started them filled with energy.  And once it became part of my routine, I actually enjoyed it! 

Now that I'm only working part-time, I've switched it up again.  It's working out just fine, but I'm usually at the mercy of someone else's availability to watch the boys.  (My gym has a very annoying daycare policy.  Sometimes it works out for me, and sometimes it doesn't).  But anyway, after looking at today's to-do list, I wasn't sure when I was going to have time.  So I made time.  This morning.  And I ROCKED it! I was home before 7 with tons of energy.  And I could already cross something off of today's list!  How great is that?!

So what are you going to do today?  When are you going to do it?  It's up to you to decide what's important.  And for all of those things, you'll find time
Have a healthy day,


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