Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yoga And A Mile

Hey there!  It is SO cold out today.  My car told me this morning that it was 9 out on my way to work.  My hands and face verified this while I stood like an idiot at the gas station with no gloves on.  Who in their right mind lets their gas tank get down to just about nothing and then pumps gas with no gloves on in the NINE degree weather??  Oh wait... 

Moving on.  Happy (belated) MLK Jr Day.  I used to always be thankful for this guy because he allowed us to have was a random Monday off from school.  And now I am thankful for this guy because, without him, I'm not sure my gorgeous family would even exist.  And without him, these two amazing people might not even have the chance to make their marks on the world:

So thank you, Martin Luther King Jr, for having your dream, and for helping my dream to become a reality. 

The boys didn't have their Religious Ed classes on Sunday, so instead of putting ourselves and everyone around us through the torture of taking them to church with us, we took the morning off.  I headed to the gym and got there 2 minutes late for yoga.  It was really freaking packed, but I slid my mat in between two unsuspecting souls.  It was hard, yo.  My shoulders were legit shaking and I may or may not have had to sit a move or two out to just catch my breath in child's pose.  I kindof wanted to sit in child's pose for the last 20 minutes of class, but then I remembered that skinny people don't do that. 

And since I had off yesterday, I went to the gym in the morning instead of early evening.  And guess what I was just in time for?  Yep, Active Yoga!  So I went again.  OMG, two days in a row.  With the same teacher.  And she is no joke.  I made the decision right in the middle of class that I want to get really good at yoga.  It was hard again, but I felt so bendy afterwards.  And then, (because I'm such a workout fanatic, obviously,) I got on the treadmill.  I had the intention to bang out a "quick" mile.  (Quick mile= best oxymoron ever).  My legs felt even heavier than their usual 500 pounds each after that yoga class so I told myself I'd just do a half mile and head out.  But then I felt like a total wimp for stopping so quickly, so I kept going.  And then I just really wanted it to be over, so I tried to run as fast as I could. (And by that, I mean at 7.0).  My face was beat red and I had sweat dripping down my face.  So I did what any normal person does after a good workout:  hit up the Pizza Hut lunch buffet.
I love days off! 

So, no workout for me today, unless I decide to do some Exercise On Demand on the TV later tonight.  I might, but probably not.  Whatever.  I'm back at it tomorrow. 

Have a healthy day,


"Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate.  Only love can do that." -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Beast Mode

I told myself that this was going to be the month that I got back on track with my regular workout routine. It's just been so freaking hard lately. And by lately I obviously mean for the past year or so. Between work and the boys' new school schedules and trying to actually work at the gym once in a while to help make that crazy monthly payment a little more palatable, it's just been ridiculously hard to get on a schedule and stick to it. But New Year New Me, right?

The boys spent the night with my parents on Friday night so I did what any childless person would do on a Saturday morning: nurse a hangover with a huge greasy breakfast spend it at the gym. I am at a new gym now and I'm trying to find some new classes to love. I've been hearing a ton about this craziness called Bodypump, and have never had it at my gym before. Well I do now. And crazy it is. I had literally no idea what to expect so I kept my weights pretty light. And then I realized just how little upper body strength I actually have. So instead of quitting while I was ahead, I decided to capitalize on my moment with no children and washed my shaky, sweaty class down with an hour of yoga. This was 4 days ago and I think my shoulders are still sore.

And instead of just jumping on a treadmill when I returned to the gym two days later, I decided to go to Body Conditioning. Yes, another strength class. I got completely SMOKED by 60 year-old women. And I'm not kidding. We had to push a medicine ball up over our heads, put it on the ground, do a full push up ( with out hands ON IT) and then jump back up. About a billion times in a row. Um, not happening.

I about died, friends. But I didn't. And I'm going to go back. There is no shot that I'm gonna let a bunch of 60 - year- old women show me up again. Well, actually, they probably will. Whatever. I'm a beast. Or, I will be some day at least.

Now that I'm done crying about how out of shape I am, wanna see some pictures I've taken with my new snazzy phone?

Actually, never mind. I can't figure out how to import them while I'm using the phone to type. CAN ANYONE HELP ME?????

Have a healthy day,


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Resolution Epic Fail

Oh hi!  Remember me? I'm the chick who decided a while back to write a blog, and then decided to never update it.  Um, yeah...

Anyway, I'm happy to be back. I made a resolution the other day that this would be the year I would re-commit to this little ol' blog.  And so far, three days in, I've failed miserably.  Yikes.  Ok, well, I'll start today.   Here goes. 

You're dying to know what's been happening in my neck of the woods over the past month, aren't you?  I know. 

Well, I turned 33.  I'm feelin' so old, yo.  But I had a really great night with a big family dinner at a hibachi restaurant and got totally spoiled with some new Lulu gear and.... drum roll please... an iphone!  Yes that is correct.  Mama got an iphone. And she is officially obsessed.  (But she doesn't really know how to upload pictures from the phone on to this little blog.  She's old. But she'll figure it out. And then she'll stop talking about herself in the third person.) 

Um, what else? I spent my entire week off last week sick as a dog.  Yep.  It all started last Friday with CJ complaining that he didn't feel well and wanting to stay home from school.  Me, being the super awesome mom that I am, looked down and noticed that he had his fingers crossed.  So, assuming he was lying, I sent his booty to school.  By 1:30 the nurse had called and he was coming home with a fever of 101.  He lifted his little pathetic body off the couch approximately 4 days later, at which time, I laid my not so little pathetic body in that same spot for the next 4 days.  And so it went.  We all took a turn having a pounding headache, fever, and pure exhaustion.  It was a wonderful way to spend my vacation. 

But other than that, Christmas was glorious.  My little buddy was in the play at Church for the first time, and then he turned 4 the day after.  He's 4. Omg.  I told you I was old. 

YAYYY! Told you I'd figure out how to get the
photos off the new phone.  Hmmm...now if
only I could figure out how to take pix
that aren't blurry...
The hubs and I spent New Year's on the couch with Ryan Seacrest and some cough syrup.  I personally hate NYE.  I am so over spending hundreds of dollars I don't have to get entirely too drunk and ultimately waking up the next morning thinking, "wow, that was overrated".  But Husband was all about going to this fancy party that a hotel downtown was hosting.  Luckily, he jumped on my page at the last minute.  I was just about over my sickness by the time it came around, but he was right in the middle of his.  So he drank tea and I drank one drink because I felt like I was supposed to and at 12:04 I went upstairs and went to bed.  ...And LAME-O was their name-o...

Whatevs.  I'm cool.  Really I am.  (No?)

So that's it for now.  I worked out in front of the TV tonight and now the sweat is drying on me and I'm cold.  So I'm heading in to the shower and then I'm going to bed.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate working out at home.  I do.  I friggin' hate it.  But it's a new year and I need to stop making excuses and start focusing on the fitness. 

What are your new year's resolutions?????

Have a healthy day,