Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Beast Mode

I told myself that this was going to be the month that I got back on track with my regular workout routine. It's just been so freaking hard lately. And by lately I obviously mean for the past year or so. Between work and the boys' new school schedules and trying to actually work at the gym once in a while to help make that crazy monthly payment a little more palatable, it's just been ridiculously hard to get on a schedule and stick to it. But New Year New Me, right?

The boys spent the night with my parents on Friday night so I did what any childless person would do on a Saturday morning: nurse a hangover with a huge greasy breakfast spend it at the gym. I am at a new gym now and I'm trying to find some new classes to love. I've been hearing a ton about this craziness called Bodypump, and have never had it at my gym before. Well I do now. And crazy it is. I had literally no idea what to expect so I kept my weights pretty light. And then I realized just how little upper body strength I actually have. So instead of quitting while I was ahead, I decided to capitalize on my moment with no children and washed my shaky, sweaty class down with an hour of yoga. This was 4 days ago and I think my shoulders are still sore.

And instead of just jumping on a treadmill when I returned to the gym two days later, I decided to go to Body Conditioning. Yes, another strength class. I got completely SMOKED by 60 year-old women. And I'm not kidding. We had to push a medicine ball up over our heads, put it on the ground, do a full push up ( with out hands ON IT) and then jump back up. About a billion times in a row. Um, not happening.

I about died, friends. But I didn't. And I'm going to go back. There is no shot that I'm gonna let a bunch of 60 - year- old women show me up again. Well, actually, they probably will. Whatever. I'm a beast. Or, I will be some day at least.

Now that I'm done crying about how out of shape I am, wanna see some pictures I've taken with my new snazzy phone?

Actually, never mind. I can't figure out how to import them while I'm using the phone to type. CAN ANYONE HELP ME?????

Have a healthy day,


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