Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Adorable Easterness

We had such a great Easter, did you?  It was actually nice out for once, so we all wore yellow without bulky coats covering it up.  The boys woke up at 5:48 to see if the Easter Bunny had come and I basically wanted to kill myself. 

Luckily, he had. 

We were outside by 7 looking for eggs.

 The Easter Bunny decided to hide eggs (aka throw them all over the front yard) for the very first time this year.  It sounded like such a fun idea.  Little did we know that between 9 at night and 7 the next morning, the squirrels would get in to ALL of them.  (Even ones with coins for the Disney jar).  Don't those nasty things sleep?  Extreme disappointment, but luckily there were a few salvagable ones. 

Yes, they were outside with pjs, winter coats, and sunglasses from their baskets. 
It wasn't sunny, but there was no way those glasses were coming off. 

Funny story about their Easter present:  so, a couple of months ago, their Wii broke.  We thought that one of them had dropped it on the wood floor or something.  But when we decided a few weeks ago to cancel cable and just stick with Netflix, we realized that we needed a new Wii in order to get it to stream to our TV.  So the Easter Bunny brought a brand new Wii.  How super fun, right?  (And of course it came with some inappropriate fighting game that they probably shouldn't be playing, but they are now, so whatever.)  As soon as Jerry started messing with the wires behind the TV, doesn't the old Wii just start right up like nothing ever happened?  Of course it does. 

So now we have two.  Yay. 

Story of our lives. 

Then it was time to go show off the most handsome guys ever. 

And yes, the sunglasses made it in to Church. The ties?  Barely.  Um, yeah- they wore their Jordans with their khakis.  So what?

 Then Mom and Dad's house. 
And now we have the whole week off.  Hopefully it will stop snowing at some point.  I'm planning on putting sunless tanning lotion on every day so that when people ask me on Monday where I went over break, I'll just tell them, "Florida, like the rest of the known universe".  That has such a better ring than, "the couch to catch up on Pretty Little Liars and Weeds", right?

Have a healthy day,