Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring Fevah...


I've got it sooooo badly today, don't you?!?!  It is such a sunny day, and the birds are going nuts out there.  It's still pretty chilly (my car told me it was 50 as I was driving home), but it's coming, friends.  It's coming! 

He's figured out that if he
rides his bike fast enough, the cape
will fly out behind him like
a REAL superhero!
I CANNOT wait until we don't have to be cooped up inside anymore.  The boys are dying to get out there and ride their bikes, and I'm so excited for the long naps and early bedtimes that come with all of that fresh air! 

It's ALMOST making me want to get out there and go for a run (jog? walk/jog?)  But I pretty much hate running, and there is zero shot that I'm pushing the huge ass double stroller the whole time.  I'm hoping though, that I can convince them to accompany me on a nice long POWER WALK later.  The daycare at the gym is closed today, which means that Friday is usually my day off.  Getting out there to enjoy this day would definitely be an added bonus!

This weather is also making me cotemplate cleaning my gross house.  As you know, I'm on a kick to detoxify both my body and my home.  I found this awesome cleaner on Pinterest (Yes, I'm addicted to Pinterest.  I'm not ashamed.) It's completely homemade, and chemical free!  And once I looked in to it a little further, it turns out that it's actually a pretty well known little secret.  Here's the ridiculously easy recipe in case you're interested:

Homemade Disinfecting Cleaner

1 cup Dish Liquid (I use the clear Palmolive stuff)- heat it up for about 30 seconds
1 cup white vinegar
Essential Oil (optional. I used Lavendar so my house didn't smell like vinegar)

That's it!! How easy is that?  I diluted the soap/vinegar mix with water because I was planning on using it on my counters and basically everywhere else around my house, but you totally don't have to. In fact, my original source left the water out.  I will totally be using this from now on!

(This is totally not my picture.  I stole it from my Pin).

Have a healthy day (weekend!),


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