Friday, February 17, 2012

Wow! So gross!

As I was perusing the internet (while not working) this morning at work, I came across a disturbing yet enlightening article.  And then I realized that articles like these are EXACTLY why I'm suddenly feeling compelled to write this blog.  Because ignorance is truly NOT bliss.  Because our bodies recognize the garbage we are giving it, even if our brains don't.  Because once we find out the truth, we can take steps towards making better choices. 

So, I'm going to help you out.  (You're welcome.) :)

Are you guys familiar with "Eat This, Not That?" Well, if not, you should be.  I subscribe to the daily email they put out, and have become obsessed.  Anyway, the other day they distributed a list of "The 5 Grossest Foods You're Eating" (  YOU MUST READ THIS!!!!  Go ahead... I'll give you a second...

Crazzzyyy, right?!?!?!  Here's the website if you want to check out more:

Which fact grossed you out the most?  That there are probably remnants of human hair in your bread?  That your mushrooms might be shacking up with maggots?  Or that the same dye that is used in your paint is also being used in your salad dressing?!?!  Shocking, right? 

But now you know.  So now you can start doing something about it.  (You're welcome.) :)

Have a healthy day,


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