Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hi! How's your day going? How's your week going? I just got home from a really fun playdate with my kids. One of the boys was turning 5, so we were celebrating. I met his mom when I was interviewing babysitters before my oldest could even walk, (almost 5 years ago!) We used to talk about baby foods and potty training, and now we're talking about choosing the perfect kindergarten. It's so cliche, but so incredibly true: this really does go by so fast...

Anyway, today is a pretty big religious day for all of us Catholics.  I use that term totally loosely, by the way.  My Church is the most liberal "Catholic" church ever.  (Haha, told ya I love a good oxymoron!) So without getting all churchy on you, I'll just sum it up- there are officially 40 days until Easter.  So for the next 40 days, I will be sacrificing something.  And that something should be something meaningful.  Something that will be replaced with another, better alternative. 

I have chosen to give up meat. 
Yep, that's right, for the next 40 days, (maybe longer depending on how it goes), I will be a vegetarian. 
I'm hoping that this decision, along with this blog, will be exactly what my body needs.  That my health will be the reward.  You see, I'm carrying around too much weight.  I'm not totally FAT, but I definitely have extra meat on my bones.  And it's spilling over more than just the waistband on my jeans.  My extra weight is holding me back from being the totally happy person that my family deserves, and that I desire to be. 

So starting today, no meat.  Period.  I can totally do this. (I'm even looking forward to trying out some of those delicious looking recipes that are all over Pinterest.)

What are you giving up (for Lent or just because)? 

Have a healthy day,


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  1. i need to give up chocolate and soda - it ain't easy..... :D