Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Monday!

This was our drink of choice.. yikes.

How was your weekend?  Overall, mine was pretty good- a nice ease in to what is going to be a fantastic, work-free week!! Hooray for February Break!!

Friday night, I got to spend time with an old friend who I hadn't seen in a very long time.  She and I have definitely had our ups and downs, but I am so happy she is back in my life.  She is very smart, and we had a great conversation about our jobs.  She is also very honest with herself, and it's hard to come across people like that.  I admire that, especially since it's so hard for us to admit things to ourselves sometimes, isn't it?  So we spent time talking about our journeys, and the directions in which we want our lives to go.  Heavy stuff.  But it wasn't all heavy.  We laughed a lot, too.  (And drank a lot.  Sheesh...) She went home to sleep in peacefully, and I went to bed to be woken up approximately 7 minutes later by two rambunctious children. Naptime  that day was a glorious thing.

Saturday was a day off from the gym, and Saturday night was date night.  We went to a great restaurant that uses fresh, local foods.  I love that concept.  I tried to keep it relatively healthy- we shared sushi for an appetizer and I only ate half of my dinner.  Yet no matter what, I totally knew that this weekend was filled with indulgence, and that I'd have some serious work to do at the gym to make up for it.

So I tried to do just that, and when I got to the gym on Sunday morning, I was 2 minutes too late. Boo- I was shut out of the crazily crowded Pilates class that my abs were craving. I headed back to the car to retrieve my sneaks, only to realize that I had left them at home. Duh.  This was not going well. So I drove all the way home and seriously contemplated throwing in the towel, but I didn't.  I picked up my shoes and headed all the way back.  I made it just in time for Zumba.  I'm so glad I went!! 
Have you ever tried Zumba?  It's such a fun workout, and it totally kicks my booty.  It's especially helpful for someone like me who has total Exercise ADD.  I get so bored with my workouts that I ultimately end up getting lazy with them.  But that's totally not an option in Zumba!  Try it!!  I went again this morning.  I also have to teach my class tonight.  I can't remember the last time I did two full workouts in one day.  I'll let you know how I'm feeling tomorrow.  Wish me luck! 

Have a healthy day,


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  1. No way. Next Door Bar & Grill? I just ate there last year with my sister. I saw you're in Rochester on your profile. She works at Strong as a nurse. You're making me miss her. Good luck with your new blog! I'm your newest follower.