Thursday, February 23, 2012

Not-Fun Workout

I just got home from the gym.  I'm doing pretty well this week- today was the fifth workout since Sunday.  I feel good about myself, but man, I'm really starting to feel sore!  No pain, no gain though, right?!

I've been in to Pilates for a while now- I even got certified to teach a mat class about 4 years ago. I taught through about 7 months of each pregnancy, until it was just way too uncomfortable to be on my back and heave the huge belly around any more.  And I swear it was the Pilates that got me in to my normal size 6 jeans just a couple of months after my first baby was born.  (And no, I am no longer in a size 6.  My second baby rocked my world in more ways than I can count- the now 3-year-old flab is just one of those ways).

So anyway, for the most part, I know what I'm doing in a mat class.  But I teach a different kind of class now, and don't get to Pilates as frequently as I should.  And I was most definitely reminded of that this morning.  O.M.G.

My legs are so tight from other stuff I've done this week, and my flexibility was ridiculous. I was sweating within the first 10 minutes.  I stopped because I was about to die to get water about 27 times. Wow, I've got some work to do. 
(Yes, there are days I can do this move.  Today was not one of those days). 

But I'm glad I went.  It was such a good reminder that no matter how long we've been doing something, there is always room for improvement.  That the moment we only do things that are easy, is the exact moment we will stop seeing results.  I'm definitely going again soon!

Do your workouts challenge you? 

Have a healthy day,


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