Thursday, February 16, 2012


I ran up the stairs the other day as my son was calling that he needed me up there RIGHT NOWWWWW! Wanna know where I found him? In his closet, doing a headstand against the wall.  (And by the way, he was wearing nothing except socks. He's four. God I love that kid.) Once I told him that, wow, that's a really cool trick, he responded with, "thanks. Ok, you can leave my room.  I gotta put on shorts and lift heavy stuff now." His little brother chimed in with, "yeah, I gotta work on my musclessss", and flexed for me.  Yes, their new favorite game is "Gym". I love that.

Look at how cute these guys are. I mean, seriously.

They are constantly running, jumping, climbing, and being otherwise physical.  They know that we go to the gym to be healthy, that we take lots of walks so Mama can get exercise, that Dada lifts heavy weights to get big muscles. And now when I've taken a few days off, they'll even suggest, "Hey, are we going to the gym today?" I love that!

We got a new Laurie Berkner CD from the library the other day (BEST kids' artist EVER btw!), and at the end of the "Pretzel Song" she says, "oh well, I guess I'll go eat some chips".  Didn't my kids, on their own, yell out, "Hey, you don't need to be eating chips.  Pick an apple or a plum instead!"  You know where I'm going here...  I LOVE THAT!! 

This is the CD we've been listening to.  I highly recommend it.
Now... I'm not a health freak.  My children have consumed more than their fair share of chips.  All four of us have a major weakness for french fries, and who doesn't love them some cupcakes?!?  But it's all about moderation and building good habits. I LOVE that my kids (at 3 and 4 years old) understand that those things are treats.  That too many treats are unhealthy, and that exercise is a mandatory part of life.   

What kinds of habits are your kids building?  (I'm also feeling the guilt here, and must admit that amidst all of this great stuff, my kids are also in the habit of never eating vegetables, not picking up their toys, and only wearing socks when forced... Baby steps, right?!)

Have a healthy day!


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