Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Movie Review

Hi!  I hope ya'll had a good weekend!  Mine was great, and made going back to work today just a little more tolerable.  (Man, a week off always goes by way too quickly!)

Friday night was date night (2 weeks in row!  Amazing!)  We went out with friends this time and had so much fun.  Dinner was at a trendy spot along the river.  I was the only one out of the four of us who had never been.  I split a coal fired pizza and calamari with my girlfriend, and the guys ate coal fired chicken wings and steaks.  ( I really need to start taking pictures of these things.) Everything was so good.  You can imagine how happy I was to walk in to the kitchen on Saturday morning to find my three- year- old in front of the refrigerator picking all of the good stuff off of my leftovers because "I want pizza, and I don't wike vegabulls".  Boo.  We worked off our meals with a couple competitive rounds of darts at a relaxed bar downtown.  We were winning both times until the very last second.  The very first thing out of Husband's mouth on Saturday morning (before even a "good morning"):
  "I hate losing".  Whatever...
If you're in the area, you should really check this place out!

Saturday and Sunday were completely lazy.  I took both days off from the gym, and watched movies.  I finally saw Bridesmaids.  Probably one of the, (if not THE funniest) movies I've ever seen.  I guess you probably have to be a girl who's either gotten married or had a friend get married to REALLY get it, but it was really friggin' hilarious.  Husband was out for a little bit with his sister, and I was literally sitting on my couch by myself, laughing out loud.  LOVED this movie.  (And I also love that Kristin Wiig wrote it, and she's from around here.  Yep, she went to high school in the District I work in now.)
The second movie I shamefully watched was Bad Teacher.  Ok, wow, Bad Teacher = Bad Movie. And I'm so sad about that, because I love both Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz.  But this just wasn't that funny.  Like, at all.  The only real funny thing is that YES, teachers in real life are definitely as dorky as they were portrayed here.  It's so sad that as a profession, we just simply have zero cool factor.  (And everyone apparently knows it.)  I knew we were kinda geeky, but this movie totally solidified it for me.  Teachers are just straight nerds.  Sigh...

So that's about it on my end.  Since I took two days off in a row from the gym, I will be hitting it hard tonight with my members in my class.  I did rotating stations last week, and they seemed to like it, so we might do another round tonight.  (1 min at each station of either wall sits, push ups, or planks).  Good stuff!

Have a healthy day,


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