Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I love a good oxymoron.  Baby grand, jumbo shrimp, large fries with a diet coke, healthy with a side of ranch.  It seems as though everywhere we look, we're making excuses.  Doing what's mostly right, and justifying the other part.  Right?  Isn't that how it goes?  I ate really well today, so I deserve this cookie for dessert.  I am so stressed out, so I deserve this ice cream.  Hey- I'm not knocking you.  In fact, I'm right there with ya.  And I'm declaring that today is the day it needs to stop.  For all of us.
I have become obsessed lately with fitness blogs.  And you know what I'm finding?  That they're all written by supercute, young girls who live supercool lives in big cities.  They all love running, and taking pictures of their expensive, organic breakfasts.  Well I'm here to tell you something.  I am neither supercute nor young.  I am a 32-year-old average mom of two gorgeous boys. (Check out my other blog-  I live in a pretty small city.  I eat breakfast on my way to work in the morning, and as much as I hate to admit this, I rarely eat as organically as I should. Oh yeah, and I hate running. 

Have you seen this? I think it was written for me:

So what business do I have writing a blog about health?  Well, I certainly don't know everything about anything, but I do know a little bit about a few things.  And what I know is that we aren't left with much if we don't have our health and wellness.  I'm looking forward to sharing some of my sweat, tears, joys and successes with you.  (And some tips along the way).  Thanks for stopping by.  I can't wait to hear from you, learn from you, and celebrate successes with you!

Have a healthy day,

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