Friday, March 1, 2013

Eye Appointments and Painted Nails

The other day, my little buddy had to go to the eye doctor. Was it mean to take his picture at the appointment? Look at this guy. I mean, seriously. When he went for his 4 year checkup a couple weeks ago, he didn't ace the eye exam so they had me take him to get checked out. Can you imagine him wearing mini glasses? Besides the fact that Homeboy would probably ninja chop those things to death within a week, I still think he would look pretty freaking cute.
But it turns out he doesn't need glasses after all. Thankfully, we get to put that bill off for a while longer.

But we still got to hang out and do stuff like this while we were waiting for the drops to dilate his eyes, so the day was totally worth it.

Anyway, do you like my nails? Wait, no??  Ok fine , neither do I. But can you believe I got them done for FREE? See, my job DOES have perks. These beauties were done by someone who swears she is going to make a career of this. As much as they make me crazy, I love these freaking kids. And you better believe I will let them continue to make my nails look like they were painted by a drag queen on acid because some day they will be feeding me applesauce at the nursing home.

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