Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gas Pump Super Fail

Last week I stopped at the gas station to get some gas on my way to work.  In an effort to stay true to myself, I waited until my gas light was fully on, and until it was approximately 3 degrees out. 

I stepped out of the car, right on to a huge ( yet weirdly sticky) ice patch.  I stood there getting frostbitten fingers while pumping in 20 bucks worth.  I know, Dad, I know- you're supposed to fill 'er up, especially in the freezing weather.  But you know what?  AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT! 

So anyway, I climbed back in my car and was overwhelmed, like seriously about to pass out, with the smell of gas.  Oh awesome!  That "ice patch" I stepped in (twice now), wasn't actually frozen water- it was semi-frozen gasoline!

I drove to work with the window slightly open, wondering if I could possibly get high from the fumes, and thinking that if that was the case, maybe I should close the window and have a slightly more enjoyable day. 

5 minutes later I was standing in the shared teaching space making copies.  Two people were in there at their desks and one other teacher walked in. 

"Something smells weird in here". 

"Yeah, it smells like gas.  Like, super strong." 

Me:  "Really?  I don't smell anything."

"Are you serious?  It's SO strong." 

"Did someone get gas this morning before work? It's REALLY bad."

Me: "I don't know.  I didn't." 

"That is so weird.  It smells the strongest,  like, right over here" (standing about 2 feet away from me). 

Everyone walked out and started their days.  I walked over to my boss' desk (who I can't stand) and wiped my feet really hard right by her chair. 

Then I walked back in to my room, wiped my feet off with wet paper towels and bathed in this perfumed lotion that one of my girls left on my desk the day before.  I cracked my window for good measure, and told the next class that "they've got the heat up way too high.  It was defintely feeling hot in here.  We're leaving it open for a little while". 

Just thought you'd like to know that. 

I'm a moron. 

Have a healthy day,


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