Tuesday, March 19, 2013

No Title Tuesday

I was thinking about writing a St. Patty's Day race recap like every other person in the blog world, but then I remembered that I didn't run a race this weekend because I DON'T RUN. So instead, I'll show you pictures of the most amazing martini I drank on Friday night:

The gummy bear martini.  It tasted exactly like a...wait for it... gummy bear!  And it had real-life gummy bears at the bottom.  I'm not really allowed to drink these days because of this medicine I'm on, so I unfortunately had to stop after one of these bad boys.  Otherwise, I probably would have drank about 13. 

So  I just need to throw this in real quick:  as I'm sitting here typing, I am watching this stupid new show called Splash.  Joey from Blossom is hosting.  It's a diving competition among Z-list celebrities. Rudy Huxtable, Kendra Wilkinson and some super fat comedian whose name I can't remember.  OhmyGoddd, I'm literally becoming dumber by the second.  Are you watching it? 

Anyway, back to the important stuff.   We were going to go downtown to meet our drunken friends on Saturday at the parade.  My sister was even carrying a banner for one of the local Irish bars.  But then it was all snowing and shtuff, so we bailed on that. Ain't nobody got time for dat!! 

So instead I waited til Sunday to don my green.  The boys and I met up with the rest of my fam for some Irish food and music.  I like to call the place a restaurant, but I'm also kinda lying.  It was a bar, ok?  I totally took my kids to a bar.  (Oh my God.  She has a BABY.  IN BAR....) <---remember that quote?  I don't even eat real Irish food, but don't you worry.  I put away some corned beef like nobody's business. 

Pay no mind to the sickly shade of pale that is my skin these days.  That's apparently what happens when the sun doesn't shine for 5 months straight.  Effin' miserable.  Nor should you pay attention to that double chin that I'm rockin.  That has no correlation to the horrible weather.  That's just natural talent right there. 
Have a healthy day,

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