Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Almost Weekend

My kids have finally stopped acting like circus animals. Or maybe those pills I popped have finally kicked in. Either way, my days have finally started to become bearable again, and I no longer want someone to adopt the 6-year-old. (Not to say I wouldn't still jump for joy if someone offered to borrow him for a few days though, just sayin').  We even had a nice visit to the playground for a picnic with my 83-year-old aunt yesterday. 

Until Pete climbed ON TOP of the humongous plastic dinosaur slide (it's not for climbing on. But an 8-year-old showed him how, so it's fine). He couldn't get down, so my sister had to climb up and try not to fall as she grabbed him. 

Then Chub refused to listen to everyone telling him to stay away from the edge of the water, and literally almost fell off a boat dock into the canal. Probably a 4 foot drop into water with no ledge to climb out. And he can't swim. No big deal. I almost died. 

And then my aunt told me that if he had fallen, I'd be calling an ambulance because she would be having a heart attack. 

I didn't bother pointing out that the real reason I'd be calling an ambulance would be to help my drowning son. Some things are better left unsaid. 

So we came home. 

And today we got to play with a 10-week-old baby. The boys now need a sister, obviously. 

Because I'm ridiculously good at handling the two kids I already have. 

My uterus is crying. 

Happy weekend! 

Have a healthy day, 

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