Friday, August 2, 2013

Glamping wedding weekend

I took the boys back to the zoo the other day. Last time we went, it was approximately 50 thousand degrees out, and I basically thought I was going to burst in to flames. What is it about the zoo that makes it the absolute hottest place on earth? Anyway, it was only 60 something out the other day, so we spent some more time there and it was tolerable. 

And they only asked me for snacks 67 times instead of the usual 256, and told me they were sick of walking 17 as opposed to the expected 58. Trip to the zoo= win!!

And on another note, I am headed out of town before the sun comes up on a blissful (I mean, very lonely) 5-hour car trip by myself. My cousin is getting married at a glorified campsite in Massachusetts. Not sure if anyone knows this, but Mama doesn't camp. (Well, not very well at least). I'm praying it doesn't rain, even though it's thundering here right now. Because I will be rocking these beauties. And I ain't got no back up plan. 
I'm not sure what I'm more excited about: driving for 5 hours with nothing except Sirius radio and my DD French vanilla iced coffee with double milk and 2 splendas, thankyouverymuch; or drinking too much and hanging with my cousins who I haven't seen in forever. Truth be told, the car ride has a slight edge up right now. 

I feel like I never talk about my workouts any more, and that's kinda why I'm supposed to be writing all of this stuff down. ( but looking at pictures if my gaudy gold shoes and under painted toes is much more fun, right?). I taught a power body class this morning to a bunch of people who showed up expecting Body Pump. Thankfully they didn't walk out. And I'm teaching it again tonight to some die-hards who show up to the gym at 6:00 on a Friday night during the summer. Yep, two workouts for me today- wow, I am so fit. ;)

Have a healthy day, and pray that i don't contract Lyme disease out in the woods this weekend. 


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