Monday, August 12, 2013

The day the fish died

We were all packed up and ready to go meet our friends at the spray park this morning when I walked over to turn off the tv. It was then that I noticed that the fish bowl was...wait for it... EMPTY. 

I told the boys that Shinyorangefish was missing, and Pete immediately came over and stuck his entire arm in the bowl to move the plants around. No fish. 

I thought for a second that Jerry had noticed him belly up and just flushed him without telling anyone, but then figured he probably would have at least gotten rid of the empty bowl of water. 

Where the FREAK was the fish????

So at this point, the boys are pretty much freaking out (as am I, I mean, seriously where was he?!?) and Chubby was over in a corner trying to make himself cry. And then I found him. 

On the floor. Behind the tv stand. Where he was grey and semi- fried looking. 
Oh my GOD. The fish committed suicide. 

So we said our goodbyes and flushed him. Pete started crying real tears and yelling at me for not putting him back in the bowl to see if he would "come back alive".  Chubby wasn't sure whether or not we were supposed to pee on him since we put him in the potty. And then started crying real tears as well, complete with snot and declarations of how much he would be missed. 

RIP Shinyorangefish. I surely hope your death wish had nothing to do with the identity crisis you must have had, seeing as how you weren't orange at all. Sorry for all those times we forgot to feed you. 

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