Tuesday, August 27, 2013

School Night

It's late at night, I haven't updated this blog in forever, and I should be in bed right now. 

But I'm putting off tomorrow for as long as I can. Because tomorrow is the first day of first grade. I think I'm gonna puke. 

When did this kid get so old? Wait, does that mean that I'm old now, too??? 

He, of course, is beyond excited. We went in for open house the other night and he got to reunite with all of his friends. He's been asking me every day since then how many more days he has. 

He woke up this morning and got his clothes, new sneakers, and back pack all ready. This afternoon, he got his hair cut at a real barber shop, and not the usual kids' place. After dinner he packed his own lunch, and now he's upstairs sleeping, just waiting for me to wake him up to tell him it's finally time to be a first grader. 

My anxiety attack is already setting in. This is so crazy. 

Oh mylanta this is insane. 

If I'm like this with first grade, what the freak am I gonna do when we have to drop him off at college??!?!?!

Have a healthy day (and a great school year!) 


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