Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Holy Heat Wave

It's hot as balls out there. OMG. But I seriously can't complain too much because I would much rather have it like this than snowing. Mama doesn't do snow. 

But I DO do this pretty well: 

This heat is just making me so friggin' lazy!  

The boys and I went to the zoo for a little while yesterday morning. They have 2 brand new baby lions, but we didn't get to see them because by the time we walked all the way to the African exhibit, we felt like we were legit IN Africa. So we peaced outta there. 

I did drag my booty to Zumba later that day and almost died. We hit up the spray park afterwards. 

And now it's blazing hot again, for the fifth day in a row. I taught step this morning, which had the potential of bring completely disastrous. But don't worry- I rocked it, haha. 

I'm teaching again tonight, and my legs basically feel like they're falling off right now. Yet somehow they have enough strength to keep walking to the bulk bag of chocolate chips that I was supposed to turn in to cookies...

And in other news, I got a sweet manicure: 

You like?! 😉

Have a healthy day, 


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