Friday, July 19, 2013

It's Friday,Friday,Friday

Have you heard that song? It's written by some young teenage girl who's parents are determined to make her famous. One of the teachers at my old school used to play the video for his kids every week. Click in this link and see for yourself. 

You're welcome. 

In other news, the other night while putting the boys to bed, Husband told them to say goodnight to each other. Without skipping a beat, the little one yelled out with a little wave, "G'night, Pete", and turned to walk out.  I thought J was gonna pee himself, and the kid's name will forever now be Pete. And he doesn't even care. He just responds by calling his brother Chub, and all is well in their world. 

So anyway, Pete gave Chub a bloody nose yesterday. Of course, it happened while I was in the phone, which is obviously unacceptable in my house. They were fighting (play fighting? I don't really know) and Pete kicked Chub in the face. 

Chub's reaction? He walked up to me with a face full of blood, waved, and said,  "hi Mama".  They then hugged it out, and he refused to each his face, insisting that the blood made him look so cool. 

Have I mentioned that I love being a boy mom?!?

Here they are, right before the bloody face incident. 

Happy Summery Friday! 

Have a healthy day, 

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