Tuesday, July 9, 2013

For real this time.

Heeeyyyyy!!!!  I'm back!!!!!!  For real this time. I was planning in coming back when I had a witty comeback story to tell, but then nothing funny was happening. So then I decided that I would come back full force once summer started, and then that just didn't happen either. I'm actually not quite sure why I decided that today was the day, nor do I have any idea what I'm gonna write about.

I dropped the boys off at camp this morning, and went and got my toes did. Drop-off was a total shit show because the younger one wants nothing more than to climb back in to womb. I threw him, kicking and screaming, at one of the helpless teenagers, and sprinted outta there.

And you better believe that he's going back tomorrow. And he will have fun.

On another note, and yes, I fully realize that I am about to sound like a true suburban housewife, I have decided that I want nothing else in life than to become an extreme couponer. I mean, there are a lot of things that i would enjoy way more than an innate ability to buy 500 bottles of Gatorade for 10 cents, but watching my grocery bill drop by $35 last weekend gave me a weird urge to run out and buy some mom jeans and a minivan.


But it was fun.

And I'm a nerd.

Have a healthy day,


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  1. Welcome back. :) I coupon a lot! I don't extreme coupon in the sense I get 400 cans of soup for free. I do go out of my way to get a good deal with coupons and will stock up if it's something I use all the time.