Thursday, August 9, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy

Miniature shoe boxes: I mean, how could this not make you happy?

He can now jump off the diving board and swim to the shallow end by himself.
He *will* make you call him Michael Phelps.

He *will* walk around the entire edge of the pool drawing X's in a line, and then
wrap up and pretend he was swimming.  He's not dramatic at all, as noted in the
"I'm not smiling" face.

Healthy dinners: some egg casserole, a quesadilla with salsa, and some chips.
 It happened. And it was good.

Pinned Image
I may or may not have the paperback version sitting on my nightstand.

Doing something I never thought possible

Watching a pre-soccer practice pep talk.
 The guy in blue is a great dad.  Lucky for me, we're married. 

family time

Date night. Martinis.

Just kidding. Creepy guys in bootleg superhero costumes do not make me happy.
But it's kinda funny, right?

My life.  I get to work a little, play a lot, and spend time doing stuff I love. I complain sometimes, but I need to knock it off.  My life makes me happy.  I am a lucky gal. 

Have a healthy day,


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