Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympic Depression

Anyone else going through withdrawals today? 

I'm so freaking sad that the Olympics are over.  You'd think that I was an elite athlete or something. 

(I'm so not.) 

Which sport left the greatest impression on you? 

Was it Women's Soccer?

 Abby Wambach and I went to high school together.  She was a year behind me.
We weren't friends, but she was friends with all of my sporty friends.
She is the only celebrity that I even kinda-know.
Was it Men's Swimming? 
Ryan Lochte is from here too.
I did not go to high school with him.
I do not even kinda know him.

Some of you know and some of you may not know that back in the day, my husband was a nasty runner.  (As in, had he focused a little more in college, he could have competed at the Olympic trials nasty.) So although we had the Games on every single night, he was really waiting for the track stuff to start.  And for the first time, I got completely sucked in. I was enthralled with the athleticism of these sprinters. Not only did I want to be friends with these people, but I started wondering if there's still time to start training for Rio 2016. (Oh wait, you have to be incredibly talented and driven in order to do something of that caliber, and it's not actually as easy as they make it look?  Boo.)

You, Usain, are the fastest known person in the entire universe.
Therefore, you are allowed to be arrogant.
Of all of the Olympians by whom I am now enthralled, one has become my all-time favorite.  So Gabby Douglas- I think you are phenomenal.  Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh- outstanding and amazing to watch; and all of the Rhythmic Gymnasts whose names I cannot pronounce- I highly enjoy watching you even though some people may think that you belong in Cirque Du Soleil insted of the Olympics.  But my award for personal favorite Olympian of the London 2012 Games goes to this girl: 

Sanya Richards-Ross. 

As I'm sure is totally normal in any household, our children love watching their father and me compete at stuff.  Last weekend, they insisted that we race in the pool.  In a brutal attempt to win, he slammped his hand in to the side and thought he broke his finger.  It swelled up instantly and was throbbing, but he demanded we go again. (Yes, it was that close.  And yes, it's that important to him that he beat me.)  So that got me thinking about my Number One Olympian. 

She is married to an NFL star (so now they have both Olympic gold medals and Super Bowl rings in their house.  How awesome is that?!) They have twin boys.  (Yet another reason I LOVE her- she had two babies at once, and still has those hot abs and the drive to compete internationally.) I want to be there when their boys make them race.

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