Tuesday, August 21, 2012

5 Boys And A Cat

Yep, that was my life a couple of days ago- I had 5 boys and a cat.  In my house.  And miraculously, everyone got along.  I had two five-year-olds, two three-year-olds, and the chubbiest, happiest 9-month-old I've ever seen.  We've known these guys since CJ was a baby, and I can't believe they still get along.  But they do, and for a split second while they were here, I contemplated quitting my job and opening a home-daycare.  And then I remembered that my own children drive me bat-shit crazy half the time, so there's no chance that would work out in anyone's favor. So alas, I will return to work next week...

Blah.  Next week already.  I'm so not ready to face the fire.  But I am ready to get back in to the routine of things.  Even though the thought of Kindergarten (already?!?) is making me sick, I'm psyched about the school he got in to, and even though I complain about my job a lot, I've got a pretty sick schedule. (Like that double entendre?  Wait, it is called a double entendre, right?) I'll get to pick both of the boys up from their respective schools every day, and that makes the control freak in me ecstatic. 

I've got some good ideas (well, at least I think they're good) for my classroom, and I'm excited to get in there and set it up.  Should the ideas in my head actually come to fruition, I'll post a pic or two.  Because after all, I know that you are obsessed with seeing and understanding ALL aspects of my life, right?

On the workout front, I am probably going to have to switch up the schedule again once September hits.  But that's really okay because my routine has been all over the place this summer.  So I'm looking forward to locking something in.  Maybe I'll actually stick to it this time around.

One would think that with all this control freakishness in me that my house would be immaculate. And yet it's just not.  Whatevs.  Summer's almost over and we've got way more important stuff to squeeze in before it's gone for good.  It's gonna be looking like this all too soon.

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