Friday, June 8, 2012

This One's For The Boy


Where were you five years ago today?  I was in the hospital, recovering (painfully slowly) from the most grueling, intense, painful, exhausting, rewarding, emotional 38 hours of my life.  But it was totally worth it.  Because this was my prize:
Yep, that's right- my kid is 5 years old today (well, on the 6th, and by the time this posts I think it'll be the 7th).   And I'm having a slight panic attack over the whole thing. So I'll just write a nice post in his honor. And then I'll go breathe in to a paper bag.

This guy was one of the happiest, most beautiful babies I had ever seen. 
And now that he is growing up, he is turning out to be one of the most amazing little guys I have ever met.  (And I've met a lot of little guys. They're not all amazing.) Here are five facts about this boy named Connor. (But don't call him that or he'll get mad.  It's CJ to you.)

He likes to do things to make people laugh:  
Like wearing afro wigs. That's some funny s*#t on a baby.

He enjoys having water squirt directly in his face.

Sucking his thumb may be his all-time favorite thing to do.  I have done nothing to stop it, and probably never will.  I do not care. 
Getting his picture taken is favorite pastime #2. Obviously.

He enjoys riding his bike and wearing a cape.  Preferably at the same time.

Baseball. He enjoys baseball.  He picked out the red cleats all on his own. 
"Mom, it's my first day of baseball.  Make sure you take a really clear picture, ok?"
And his mother loves him more than words will EVER be able to say.

Happy Birthday to my sweet, funny, smart, athletic, loving, sensitive, creative, inquisitive, clever, and thoughtful 5-year-old. (And no CJ,  I will NEVER forget that you put me through 38 hours of labor.  So it's probably in your best interest to stay on my good side.)

Have a healthy day,


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  1. What a beautiful post. Love that wig and smile! I'm visiting you from your comment on Not Just Cute. I wrote "10 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten." I thought you might be interested in my post "Kindergarten: Enroll or Wait - a Teacher's View" since you mentioned you were "scared out of my mind" - which is normal!!! Here is the link: