Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The All-American Nastiness

Are you ready for this?  (Are you sure??)  Ok, here goes:  enjoy today's feature film. (Just click on the link.)

You're welcome. 

Now, just in case that wasn't enough to stick with you as you make your meal choice at the next cookout, here are a couple more facts about those weird red links of meat:

1.  The average hot dog has over 14 grams of fat.  Please, people.  That's really gross
2. That "natural casing" is made from pig intestine.  Sick.
3. If you're from around here, you have probably ingested a white hot or two in your day.  Those, my friends, are made not only made from the standard pork, beef, and chicken, but also include veal.  Awww, poor baby cows.
4. Does the package say "variety meats"?  Well, that means that your hot dog contains the part of the animal(s) that could never be sold on store shelves.  Think hearts and liver here. 

And just in case you skipped over my enlightening video clip because you saw that it was 5 whole minutes long, let me reitirate the highlights:

1. Hot dogs are made from meat trimmings.  As in, leftovers from the cuts they package up for the grocery stores.  As in, the parts that would otherwise get thrown away.  As in, the parts no one should eat.

2.  All of the meat is blended together and then squeezed out of a huge tube.  It looks like Play-Doh.  Ew.  Meat should NOT look like Play-Doh.  EVER.

3.  Thousands of hot dogs can be made every minute.  Why in the world would you ever want to consume something that can be thrown together that quickly in a factory?  Let's think about sanitation, here, ok?

4. Hot dogs contain corn syrup.  Really?

And finally, just in case you are still craving a hot-diggity, (or in my case, if it's the only cut of "meat" your children will actually agree to), here are some things to keep in mind:

1.  All-beef Kosher are the way to go.  It's seriously all-beef.  And Kosher warehouses have stricter sanitation codes than do everyday factories. 

2.  Look for packages that say "no by-products". That ensures that you're only eating the edible parts of these animals.

3. All parts that are used must be listed in the ingredients.  Become a label reader. 

And with that, have a healthy day,


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