Friday, June 22, 2012

This Girl's Going Pro

Big news, Friends. Big, big news. 

Ok, well, maybe it's not as big to you as is to me. So just indulge me for a couple of minutes, will ya?

Should I start at the beginning, or should I just jump right in and tell you what I'm up to?  Ok, sounds good. The beginning it is. 

Some people document their babies' lives by creating beautiful scrapbooks, others write things down in neat little baby books.  I am neither organized nor crafty.  I don't have the time, energy, or desire to maintain scrapbooks or baby books.  Hell, I can't even remember to take the pictures off of my camera and stick a few in frames.  But what I do have is a degree in English.  And as my kids started doing memorable things, I started thinking, "I should really tell people these things". As as they became older and funnier, and I became even crazier, I thought, "There is NO SHOT I am the only mom going through this". And that is how Naptime is the New Happy Hour was born.

No, CJ, you cannot paddle this fake boat.  That is my job.
Now stop being mad.  You're ruining the photo op.

And much to my surprise, not only did people read it, but they liked it.  And I thought, "Wow.  I really like blogging.  I wonder what else people might like hearing about?"

 I mean, my kids are cute and funny and all.  But my life (much to some people's surprise) is about more than just them.  I actually do other stuff besides attempt to maintain my sanity as a mother.  I am a wife, a teacher, and a fitness instructor. I strive to learn as much about nutrition as I can so I can be healthy and fit. And that is how Healthy...With a Side of Ranch was born.

And again people read it.  And (I think) they like it.  And now here's where the big news comes in. 

As I've started to navigate this whole blogosphere, I've become pretty obsessed with interested in other people's blogs.  And along the way, I stumbled upon a pretty cool site called It's a compilation of blog posts written by moms all over the country.  Food, fashion, fitness, family... it's all there. 

And... drum roll please... I get to be a part of it! 

Yes, that's right, starting next week, I will be a regular (twice a week) contributer to Skinny Mom!!

So make sure that you check it out.  And don't stop there- "like" the posts, leave me comments, share them, tweet them, email them, shout about them out of your office window. 

Oh, and one more thing- my name over there is Hot-Mess Mama... for obvious reasons.

Have a healthy day,


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