Friday, May 25, 2012

Random Thoughts on a Thursday

 Happy Thursday.  Weirdly, there's not that much going on around here today.  So lucky for you, here is a window into my head.  Feel special. 

Did anyone see Jennifer Lopez on American Idol Wednesday night?   (Here she is just in case you missed her).  Whether you love her, hate her, or are totally sick of her, you must admit that she has a smokin' hot bod.  I am jealous in a major way of those freaking abs.  Not only does she have two kids, but she gave birth to them at the same time!  And those abs STILL look like that.  No fair.  Well, I mean, I guess it is fair if you have a trainer, a chef, and access to unlimited babysitting and gym time.  But still, Wahhhh.  Can I please look like that? 

It's like, 90 degrees out today. I love the summer, and am ecstatic that it came early this year. I like being outside and not wearing a coat.  I enjoy sleeping with the windows open.  But 90 is too hot.  I had to turn on the Central Air today, much to the husband's dismay.  He claims that I complain when it's hot and I complain when it's cold.  He's right.  I hate being uncomfortable.  Is there any place on earth where it is 75 and breezy every day?  I wanna move there. 

It's currently 3 in the afternoon and my children are still upstairs talking to themselves.  As in, not taking naps.  They've been up there for an hour and are supposed to be taking a trip to Dream Land right about now.  But they're not.  And... oh wait.... I take that back.  It no longer sounds like they are talking.  I actually think it's rapping.  I love days when naps don't happen. 
OMG. Go to sleep!

I know what you're thinking... sheesh, so much negativity.  Let me back in to that brain NEVER.  Chill out. There's good stuff happening in the old noggin' too. 

Like my workouts this week- I ran twice (even this morning before it was 90 out!) and felt so good both times.  Hmmm... maybe I'll do another 5K. I did Power Body, I did Zumba, and I walked while pushing the gigantic double stroller. Oh and I did free weights.  I enjoy working out.

A kid at school rated one of my lessons a 6 on a scale from 1-5.  This may sound stupid, but my kids are emotionally draining most of the time. They refuse to admit that they even kind of enjoy anything, and I have been contemplating whether or not I even have it in me to put in another year with them.  But one kid liked something, and I'm gonna hang on to that. I enjoy making connections, and I enjoy validation.

It's a three day weekend.  And it's going to be beautiful out.  The pool is almost swimmable. I am going to enjoy my family.

I enjoy my life.  

Have a healthy day, (and do something this weekend that you enjoy!)


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