Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Love a Fattening Festival

And truthfully, if you live around me, you do too.  There are a million festivals around here every summer, one of which was just in town this past week.  Of course the boys and I went.

We are really good at taking pictures of ourselves.
 What, may you ask, do people do at daytime week-long festivals?  Well, it's held at a really nice park that is filled with lilacs. (The same park I got engaged in, by the way. Yep, in the back near the reservoir.  Ah, I digress...)  Ideally, people get something to eat, listen to some live music, and then walk around and admire the flowers.  However, this year, all of the lilacs were already dead by the time the Lilac Festival rolled around, so people pretty much just ate.  And exactly what do they eat, you ask? Well, here we go.  People around this city have been called lots of things, but I'm pretty sure "healthy" isn't one of them.  With no further ado, here's just a small sampling of the average festival fare:

I have a secret: This is my favorite offering. I may or may not have eaten one with my sister last year. I controlled myself this year.  Either (A) I am so healthy or (B) my sister wasn't with me this time.  You decide.       

Yes, this is exactly what you think it is:  fried pieces of fatty meat surrounded by fried pieces of sugared dough, with or without cheese and bacon.  Yum.  How about a side of Heart Attack with that?   
...Because apparently cheesecake on a plate isn't good enough. And isn't this just what you're looking for on a crazy hot crowded day- a nice thick hunk of chocolate dipped sugary cream cheese?  Sign me up!
Only $3.00 for an order of obesity and clogged arteries??!?!  BARGAIN!   
As tempting as it all was, the boys and I stuck to the old reliable strawberry smoothie.  And then we played some games.

And we won stuff! 
Are you sick of pictures of my kids yet?  Too bad.  Here's one more. 
Meet the newest member of our household.  His name is (appropriately) ShinyOrangeFish.  Do not call him Shiny for short.  I have miraculously kept him alive for 5 whole days now.  I think he likes us.
Ok, I'm done now.  Do you like festivals?  What do you eat while you're there? 

Have a healthy day,


PS- I didn't work out at all today.  I apparently waited too long to make an appointment to bring the boys, and the daycare was booked.  Boo.  Double session day tomorrow for sure. 

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