Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chronic Googler

I come to you today with a very profound, very serious, never-to-be forgotten health tip.  If you are ever faced with the chance (even if it's a 0.001% chance) that you may possibly be diagnosed with something, do not, and I repeat DO NOT become a Chronic Googler.  Have you ever done this?  (Yes. You know you have).  You come home from work with a headache, decide to Google it, and all of a sudden are suffering from a self-diagnosis of brain cancer?  I am a ridiculous Google addict, and 9 times out of 10, nothing good comes from it. (Unless of course I'm Googling fitness blogs, then... oh wait... I usually end up stumbling upon some crazy- fit girl who makes me feel like a fat piece... so no, Chronic Googling is NEVER a good thing.)

Last year, when I was undergoing all of my crazy anxiety and was trying my hardest to personally meet every single specialist in the entire state of New York, it was discovered that I have something growing on my thyroid. (This fact did nothing to help the anxiety, by the way.) The high chance that it was absolutely nothing to worry about did absolutely nothing to stop me from Googling the crap out of it.  Within minutes, the Internet had me diagnosed with thyroid cancer, obviously. And within minutes after that, I had found at least 127 fascinating horrifying blogs written by people who were also (and by also I mean actually) diagnosed. And yes, each of those blogs was complete with pictures of surgeries; half of which were botched somehow. omG. 
So I'm going to make a long story just a little bit longer by telling you that all of my freaking out was for absolutely NOTHING. Yes, I had to get a biopsy of my thyroid, and YES it pretty much sucked. But it was 100% benign. So I was sent on my way with a follow up appointment a year later. 

So here I am today.  My follow-up appointment was this morning, and again, I was a total wreck beforehand.  What if it had tripled in size? Turned in to cancer that was rapidly spreading? Become so bad that I had to be rushed in to surgery immediately if not sooner????? 

Well.... here's the news:  there was ZERO change!!!  Hooray! (Yes, that little nodule is still there, but tons of people have them and don't even know it. It's completely fine.) So no needle in my throat today!!!  No news is absolutely good news in this case. And being a Chronic Googler is absolutely bad news.  Now knock it off. 

Have a healthy day,


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  1. So nice of you to let your parents know.


    One of your Parents