Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Day In The Life



So yeah, I stumbled across this pretty funny blog (well, maybe not so funny if you're not in to mom stuff and workout stuff and being chubby stuff, but I think it's pretty funny) a little while ago, and today the author is hosting a link-up.  I totally know I just did one of these things a few days ago, but whatever, I'm doing another one.  And since I know you creepers are 100% infatuated with all aspects of my life, I felt this one was rather appropriate.  Enjoy.

There are literally no two days that are exactly the same in my world.  But we are trying to get on board with a new routine right now.  So here's what's going down today:

5:30- The Husband's alarm goes off.  In a perfect world, I am getting up with these good vibrations and heading to get my sweat on.  In my real world however, I am too dog-ass tired to move. 

6:15- Drag myself out of bed and allow Husband to finally turn on the light so he no longer has to use his iPhone flashlight to pick out an outfit.  I'm nice like that.

6:30- Tell Ty that it' s way too early to wake up. Insist that he go back to bed, but then cave when he heads down the stairs to sit on the couch and wait for the TV to be turned on anyway; telling myself that it's not worth it to fight with a 3-year-old at the crack of dawn. 

7:00- Wake CJ up and begrudgingly let him watch Ninjago, if it will actually make him move his body out of the bed, and keep the two of them occupied while I finish getting ready.

7:05- put two outfits on the couch and remind them to get dressed

7:10- put breakfast in their hands

7:15- leave for work

7:30-10:30- work.  There is literally nothing else to say here.

10:45- Sneak away, even though I'm technically done at 10:25. Feel guilty about having to rush out, but remind myself that some things are just not my problems to own.  I really freaking LOVE only working part time. 

10:55- Sprint up to Ty's brand new classroom just in time for the day one meet-and-greet  to be ending.  Awesome.

11:15- Lunch and playing outside

12:30- Caillou (UGH, that kid is such a WHINER) and upstairs for nap.  Force Ty to go to sleep right away so I don't have to wake him up when it's time to go get CJ.

1:00- catch up on work stuff that I didn't get to at work and yell up the stairs to stop throwing stuff at the walls and go to sleep

2:35- wake Ty up and rush him down the stairs and in to the car

3:00- pick up the big kindergartner

4:15- head to the gym after some snack and rest where I have to teach

6:00- dinner,boys hang out with Dad

7:00- showers and bedtime

7:30- clean up the kitchen and remember that the boys have nothing clean to wear to school tomorrow. Throw in a load of laundry.

8:00- So You Think You Can Dance, blog, Facebook; make CJ's lunch and finish that load of laundry during the commercials.

10:00- shower and think about packing a bag to go to the gym in the morning but remember suddenly that I have to be at a meeting by 7:15.  Get in bed and attempt to read Gone Girl, but fall asleep.

So there ya have it.  A play by play of my ridiculously crazy day.  No pictures.  Sorry about that- I'm tired. I'll be cooler tomorrow. 


  1. Thanks so much for linking up with us. I love So You Think You Can Dance too!

  2. You had me at ranch! And I hate Caillou too, I mean really WHO invented that show!?!?!

  3. You are busy! And your 8pm sounds a lot like mine, when I can get the remote. :)

    Thanks for linking up, lady! :)